Why Should i buy this service?


You will be away from your home for about a year.

Are you sure your apartment is safe?

How do you ensure that there is no fire or flooding?

Do you speak Turkish ?

Will you be able to talk to the site management whenever it is needed? Or plumber, air conditioning service or a mechanic?

Do you have plenty of time to talk on the phone for of dues and bills?

Did you know that if you do not pay your electricity, water, natural gas or telephone bills (such as closing, opening, monthly delay), you will make a lot of extra costs?

Real estate, environmental tax, DASK, etc. on a regular basis. Did you know that you need to pay?

The dues to be paid to the site management. Did you know that even if you do not make payments, you can even come to your apartment foreclosures? In this case, you will have to pay for the lawyer and the court.

Do you know a reliable mechanic who speaks your language and will do maintenance at home?

Do you know of a reliable cleaning agent who will clean your house and not just want a fortune for cleaning?

Can you go to your apartment every month, and can you check your mailbox,

Any invoice, legal notice, etc. Do you know someone to check if there are any?

Do you know of a reliable company to make your transfer from the airport?

Is there anyone who can consult each and every subject in Turkey

Staying several weeks in Turkey, do you have time enough to be found at the beginning of the renovations you want to make your apartment?

If the air conditioning fails in the middle of August, can you call the service?

Cleaning, lamp and curtain installation, etc. Do you know foreign language speaking, reliable cleaners and repairers?

Will you be able to sign under Turkish documents?

Are you able to travel at any time for urgent problems only occur in your apartment in Turkey? Airplane, hotel fee, eating, drinking, etc. Have you calculated the costs?

Did you know that if you rent your apartment you need to pay income tax and you need to fill in an income tax return for this?

Do you have enough time to talk to your tenant many times over a broken air conditioner or toilet flush, unpaid rent or dues?

If you are going to rent or sell your apartment, will you be able to advertise in Turkish? Will you meet with dozens of tenants looking for you and show your home to all of them?

Will you be able to issue a lease agreement in accordance with Turkish law?

Will you call your tenant every month for the rent?

What will you do if your tenant calls you for something deteriorating at home in the middle of the night?