Standard Service

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1 : All the Cleaning of Your Houses on the dates that you will determine 4 times a year

All cleaning of bedrooms

All cleaning of living rooms

All cleaning of bathrooms

All cleaning of the kitchen and dining rooms

Cleaning of balconies and windows

Note: 2 of our staff serve for cleaning your home. Hours of Operation: Between 09: 00-13: 00 or 14: 00-18: 00

2 : All Technical Service Control of Your Houses on the dates you will determine 4 times during the year

Control of all electrical and electric machines

Control of water lines and all devices

The general condition of the house and control of things

Control of Internet and satellite systems

All control of walls, ceilings, parquet floors

Note: This service is the only control and service servıce to calculate the extra amounts that occur during the detection of the faults that have occurred in your apartment and it will be collected by you and will be solved with the approval.

3 : Invoice Payments and Follow Up Service

We check your home, Mailboxes and all invoices in your name every month and We send to you as a report. (When we paid all invoices, we will send you information and you can send transfer it to our account)

We will have a general check of your home Every month and if there are any problems, it will be intervened immediately. Visual and video will also be reported to you.

4 : 4 Times a year Market Shopping Service

We prepare all your market shopping orders that you will make 3 days before coming to your home within the year and place them in your refrigerator.

5: Laundry service 4 times a year

This Service is the cleaning and ironing service of dirty linens and bed covers in your home during cleaning.