Investment in Turkey

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Turkey's economy is growing and most promising future HSBC and many powerful financial institutions like Goldman Sachs are among the world's four investors. Economy in Turkey among foreign investors "has taken a new tiger" title. Real estate investment in Turkey, particularly when the Turkish government and the Turkish economy when inflation is tame encourage further internationalization of the exploded several years. Most of the real estate investment specialist, says Turkey's NATO membership and is a safe choice because of the security provided by the government balanced. Day by day, the land on key sites is becoming less and less expensive in Istanbul. This is the Turkish legislation, which eliminates the previous constraints on reciprocity and now the recent changes that allow the purchase of all nationalities in Turkey in addition, demand for Istanbul goods increased.

What makes Turkey a good investment for the country?

Real estate investment is currently the world's highest rate in Turkey. Small and educated workforce, modern infrastructure, large domestic market, multiple free trade agreements and climate-induced growth, Turkey, there are a number of factors that led to the increase in profit. Turkey has made preserving the competitive lira and the euro area made significant progress in closing the export sector in a serious way.

What is Turkey's financial performance?

Turkey's economy, from a serious crisis in 2000-2001, OECD countries and among the fastest growing G20 emerged as the fastest growing economy, ıt grew by 9% in 2010 and by 8.5% in 2011.

How much foreign investment in Turkey?

Foreign direct investment increased 75.7% in 2015 to reach $ 17.6 billion. Turkey, a stable government, good population characteristics and numerous interests and market access through diversity is a destination for wealthy investors in the Middle East. In addition, in 2017, foreign investors are expected to increase investment of $ 5 billion.

Residence Permit Application Procedure in Turkey

Application of a visa or visa exemption is coming to Turkey in an introduction to a foreign (depending on nationality) when 30 are allowed to stay for a maximum of 60 or 90 days. 3 Foreigners who want to have a long-term tourist visa a month and must obtain a residence permit in Turkey. Apply or extend a residence permit with just one click. Information is updated and effective as of May 18, 2015!

Firstly, you must fill out the following documents for online application:

1. A valid tourist visa or residence permit a. Your passport must be valid for at least 60 days. (Excluding Long Term Residence Permit).

2. Your passport and / or existing housing card as your reference

3. A photocopy of your passport information page, a photo page and a visa showing your visa for the last entry date

4. Do not stay in Turkey / spend you to prove that you have sufficient financial strength throughout the time required monthly 500 USD (or other currency equal to USD).Because residence permit does not allow you to work in Turkey. You may receive a statement from your bank showing money in your bank account.

5. Title deeds - If you bought a property in Turkey, to get a residence permit to own property, you must prove it. If you renew your permit for 5 years, if you stay 185 days each year for 5 years, you can apply for Turkish Citizenship.

6. A biometric photo

7. A hard copy of the online application form

8. Proof of address such as electricity or water bill.

9. Health insurance policy

Residence Permit Application First in Turkey

• If you refer to the long-term residence permit in Turkey, you should use the option after the first application fulfill the following conditions.

• If you apply for the first time, you will need to make a reservation to meet with the Immigration Management Officer.

• You don't need to go back to the office if you're being defeated. You can then perform all your permission transactions online and by mail. (General Directorate of Migration Management)

• Immigration Administration General Directorate is the only authority that permits and residence visas to foreigners in Turkey. Applicants must apply for a residence permit before the tourist visa expires.

1. Go to E-Residence (e-Residence) and complete the online application form.

2. Pay the residence permit application taxes and fees from the nearest Tax Administration (Tax Office) or HALKBANK branch.

a. The residence permit tax is 55 TL. (Residence permit certificate)

b. The residence permit application fee is 85 USD. (Residence fee application fee)

3. Collect and prepare all necessary forms / documents.

4. Visit the Directorate General of Migration Management

5. If there is a missing document in your application; it takes 1 month to complete this document. If a missing document has not been submitted at the end of the 1-month period; your application process is considered abandoned.

6. You will receive a barcode number from the post office (PTT). You can track the delivery status of your shipment with this barcode number.

a. If your application is unsuccessful or denied, the Directorate General of Migration Management will inform you. You may have created in your application online after the date of appointment until the legal system in Turkey.

Residence Permit Renewals

Follow the first 3 steps (as for the first time applicants above):

Send your application to the General Directorate of Migration Management. Immigration Administration offices located in every province of Turkey. There are many foreigners should receive permanent citizenship in Turkey. As in every nation, in Turkey are expected to apply for citizenship requirement. There are several approaches to have citizenship in different conditions in Turkey.

Investment Citizenship

There is a new opportunity for those who want to buy real estate in Turkey. Officially, according to the law was enacted on January 12, 2017 from Turkey worth 250,000 US dollars to buy real estate in the area will be given the right to Turkish citizenship. It is the fastest way to obtain Turkish citizenship. According to official law, there are only two conditions to become Turkish citizens. The first requirement is worth 1 million US dollars to buy real estate in Turkey. The second condition is that the purchased property promises not to be sold for 3 years. If there is no obstacle in front of being a citizen after the application has been received, anyone who meets these two easy conditions can be a Turkish citizen. High- income countries to get citizenship quickly Turkey invites strangers.

Citizenship by Ownership

If a foreigner in Turkey for 5 years, they can apply for citizenship. The best way to get a renewed residence permit every year is to buy a property. Otherwise it is not easy to get a residence permit and the tourist visa is not considered an acceptable reason for applying for citizenship. Turkey is an ideal way to purchase the property for the implementation of the visa prerequisites. Your visa when you buy a property in Turkey can be recharged every year. Through these lines, you will have an investment and a residence permit. Another advantage of these lines is to have a residence permit with your entire family. Deed in your name (title), you would have permission to reside in Turkey. Every year you stay refreshed and 185 days in each calendar year in Turkey, citizenship, your application will be accepted.

Other Reasons to Get Citizenship in Turkey

Hereditary Turkish citizenship: The simplest approach to naturalization should be considered in a family with Turkish mother and Turkish father.

Obtaining citizenship through the choice of legal authority: The legal authority decision is required for non-indigenous people to have Turkish citizenship. Irrespective of the possibility of non-natives participating in each of the conditions, Turkish laws will not have the capacity to acquire citizenship if they do not approve.

One of the conditions to obtain a Turkish citizen, is to live a long time with a residence permit in Turkey.

Upon receipt of a work permit and operating license or marriage, the most obvious way of expanding on an annual basis, it is to buy a property in Turkey

Such applications should be possible by e-mail or exclusively. The Council of Ministers is the main leader in choosing who will receive citizenship.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship may not affect the citizenship of the companion. Once the candidate has acquired Turkish citizenship, the child's care can be transferred to the other partner on his own accord.

In the absence of an absence, the care of the young will be selected by the choice of the judge with the permanent residence of the mother or father. The chance of mother and father to bring together Turkish citizenship will naturally be regarded as citizens.

Return of Turkish citizenship: Those who lose Turkish citizenship in a way can apply again to become Turkish citizens. There is an area related to individuals who have lost Turkish citizenship for political and material reasons.

Marriage with Citizenship: The best known and simplest way is to marry a Turkish citizen and get a Turkish citizenship. Marriage with a Turkish citizen does not give a nationality direct - only after a 3-year marriage, a foreigner can apply for citizenship by taking the following conditions:

• The couple needs to stay together,

• Avoid any practices that may harm the unity of marriage,

• It should not pose a risk to the security of the Turkish state and society.

Achieving Turkish citizenship in extraordinary conditions: There are extraordinary conditions for the general population that can obtain a Turkish citizenship.

For example: Turkey with modern facilities or logical, innovative, financial, social, branding, social and creator of the general population to bring the extraordinary support in another spot, to consider the recommendations made in the service rights and shall be considered.

Turkey is to invest and open a business with operating points. Entrepreneurs should get a work permit.

To be respectful to the individual citizenship fundamental.

People were accepted as immigrants.

Turkish Citizenship Conditions

1) The applicant must be of adulthood or may apply through persons with legal affinities.

2) The applicant must submit reports stating the reason for residing in Turkey; You can check for the following purposes:

• To buy property in Turkey

• set up a venture in Turkey

• Investment in Turkey

• piped to Turkey for business administration or organization

• Working courtesy to business owners in Turkey

• To be married to a Turkish citizen

• Be a secured relative of a person who has acquired Turkish citizenship

• be trained in Turkey

3) To be healthy about public health

4) Be a careful, reliable individual

5) Be prepared to speak Turkish at an adequate level

6) Turkey itself and the salary or make a call in order to receive the support of the people is bound

7) To respect the security of the Turkish state and society

Documents will be analyzed and you will have a meeting. Return the document to the Ministry of Interior in case the Commission approves your application. Citizenship assurance selection is provided by the service. If negative, the documents are sent back to the governor.

Documents for Turkish Citizenship Request
In Turkey, citizenship application requirements are as follows:

• The original of the passport or other articles confirming candidate citizenship. Alternatively, if the candidate is stateless, he reports that he has obtained the statelessness of the candidate (UN's unique document).

• Birth certificate

• The residence permit of the previous year

• confirming the visit to Turkey documents (passport or proof of entry stamped)

• Official reports confirming the character and family ties of life partner and underage youth if the candidate is married. (Marriage permit, child birth statement)

• If you have a Turkish relative

• Document address in Turkey (residence).

• Salary approval (income certificate if possible)

• Documenting the capacity of the candidate to communicate in Turkish (identification by the Turkish consulate on the effective collection of the candidate)

• 4 biometric photos taken in the last 1 month